What is Microsoft Office 365? A Beginners Tutorial

This is a video for beginners that want to familiarize themselves with Office 365. We start with a brief overview and then go into a little more detail for each application. You can find slightly more detail using the following urls – Good luck!

Calendar https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=448

Delve https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=528

Excel https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=645

Forms https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=773

Power BI https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=1765

PowerPoint https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=1843

Project https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=1889 Sharepoint https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=1953 Stream https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=2114 Sway https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=2228 Teams https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=2334 To do https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=2560 Word https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=2695 Yammer https://youtu.be/ZY8KQrZd0Tw?t=2757

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